2017, Year of the Dragons

With a fairly ‘rigid’ end to the 2016 season, the Illawarra Dragons are under a lot of pressure to pull out an unstoppable season.

Over 24 games, the Dragons pulled out a mere 341 points, finishing the season in 11th place on the leaderboard. It has been noted by professionals that their attack was what let them down last year, with a very predictable and stiff play. Before the season has even kicked off, the boys are already under a lot of pressure from fans and critics.

Admitting their defeat, coach Paul McGregor has accepted their downfalls and hopes to kick off 2017 with a new style of attack.

Rumours are already spurring about the young guns treading on the toes of our current players. Though, small by NRL standards, they are exceptionally fast and could be of use to the Dragons this year.

Currently fastest at the club over 40 meters are 19 year old … Field is already showing great potential and passion to the game and 21 year old … Duffy who has a dominant record at a NYC level. Not to be starting on the field in the first game but are moving up and kicking at the heels of the older players.

Whilst Josh Dugan, current player for the Kangaroos, is near confirmed to be starting in full back position, Josh McCrone and Kurt Mann are both kicking up their game with their feelers out for the No.7 jersey in Round 1.

With all these improvements, riding out on their unmistakeable 2016, theres no stopping the Illawarra dragons this year!