Chess Club 2017 Sports Council Newsletter

St George Leagues Club Chess Club 2017 Sports Council Newsletter

With the year almost at an end, it is timely to update the members with the full details of the tournaments successfully completed this year.

Early in the year the Chess Club completed its annual St George Summer Open Competition. The event was a seven-round competition which attracted a near record field of 56 players, each paying a $50 entry fee to share in four divisional prizes with 1st, 2nd & 3rd cash prizes in each division. The final round was completed on the 24th January, with divisional winners and placegetters being formally presented with their cash prizes on Tuesday 31st January.

This year our top seed International Master Richard Jones defended the title he won last year, winning the 2016/17 Summer Open with a score of 6/7. Second place was shared by four players on 5.5/7: Kevin O’Chee, Adrian Rose, Sarwat Rewais and Denan Diep. Jose Escribano was 1st with 5/7 in the Under 1750 division, followed by four players on 4.5/7: Warren Song, Jim Mavroidis, Vaness Reid and Shirley Gu. 1st place for the Under 1600 division was shared jointly by Peter Bogdanoski and Darren Curtis on 4.5/7, with five players sharing second place on 3.5/7: Muhamed Buza, Sean Pyke, Michael Woodward, Gary Armstrong and Bruce Plant. Three players shared first place for the Under 1400 division, all on 3.5/7: Richard Blake, Nathan McLean and Ken Eldridge.

Our next tournament was the annual Club Championships of 6 divisions, which were completed over nine rounds. Kevin O’Chee won the top division to become the new Club Champion.

Division 1 Final Standings: 1st Kevin O’Chee 8/9; 2nd John Stuart Plant 7.

Division 2 Final Standings: 1st Sarwat Rewais 6.5/9; =2nd Cedric Koh, Malachi O’Donoghue, Anup Kumar Siva Sankaran 6.

Division 3 Final Standings: 1st Victor Ibrahim 7/9; 2nd George Morgan 5.5.

Division 4 Final Standings: 1st David Jaksa 7/9; =2nd Simon Reynolds, Terence Wall 5.5.

Division 5 Final Standings: 1st Nathan McLean 8/9; 2nd Sam Sharkawy 6.

Division 6 Final Standings: 1st Alex Patton 5.5/7; =2nd Mike Chen, Zitian Qin 4.5.

The 1st Leg of the North Sydney Big Boards Match was completed on the 9th May, with St George being successful 31 to North Sydney’s 12. The away leg will be completed on the 21st November.

Following completion of the Big Boards match, the Chess Club completed the annual St. George Club Teams Challenge, Club Lightning, Club Allegro and Club Quickplay Tournaments.

The Club Teams Challenge was held as a nine round competition during June and July, with 10 teams of four (plus reserves) competing. The winning team was the Quirky Queens, with a total score of 24 out of 36, followed by the Dreaded Dragons on 22.5/36 and the Ballistic Bishops on 22/36.

The Club Lightning was won by Clive Ng on 9.5/11.

The Club Allegro Tournament was a nine round event played over 2 weeks, with each player having 15 minutes for the whole game. This year’s winner was Arthur Huynh, winning 8 of his 9 games and drawing the other to score 8.5/9.

The Club Quickplay (Rapid) was also played over nine rounds, with three games played each week. Each player has 30 minutes to finish the game. This tournament was also won by Arthur Huynh, this time with a score of with 7/9.

Our congratulations go to all the winners and placegetters.

The 2017 Swiss Tournament is currently being played, with over 50 players participating in the nine week competition.

The Chess Club meets on Tuesdays, and welcomes any new players for social or tournament games.

Sarwat Rewais