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St George Leagues Club offers a wide variety of dining and bar options. Whether you want to eat in or simply relax with a refreshment, St George has something for every occasion.

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Grange Buffet

Offering a wide range of dishes including seafood, soups, roasts, asian and other international cuisines, salads and desserts, the Grange Buffet has something for everyone....
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Jubilee Brasserie

The Jubilee Brasserie is the flagship restaurant at St George Leagues. Offering a diverse modern Australian menu with a range of snacks, salads and main courses...
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Monte Carlo Bar

Servicing the Monte Carlo Room and featuring a comfortable Keno lounge, the Monte Carlo Bar is a great place to catch up for a drink...
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The TAB Bar is located to your left as you enter the Monte Carlo Room and offers patrons a selection of beverages and snacks to...
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TAB Cafe

TAB Cafe opens and closes with the club, so you can sit and enjoy the relaxed  atmosphere whenever the club is open - day or...
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The Crown Dragon

WELCOME TO CROWN DRAGON Operated by renowned veteran restaurateur Ricky Char, The Crown Dragon Restaurant prides itself on serving the very best ‘true blue Chinese’...
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The Premier’s Lounge

The venue for many of the clubs entertainment events, the Premiers Lounge is found on the ground floor, directly off the main foyer to the...
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