Ken Jeacle, a touch of Hollywood at St george

Ken Jeacle is the man who brought a touch of Hollywood to St George Leagues Club for a decade and even at 80 he shows no signs of slowing down.

Mr Jeacle has long provided the entertainment at the Leagues Club. During a decorated entertainment career he worked alongside the likes of Ethel Merman, Leslie Uggams and
Jack Benny.

He pin-points producing, directing and sourcing talent for the weekly Saturday Night Live Show at the Leagues Club’s old auditorium as a
career highlight.

“The things I am most chuffed are the Saturday Night Live shows from 1993 to 2000,” Mr Jeacle said. “You just couldn’t move in the eateries or poker machine rooms. It went on at 8:30 and then we changed it to 8pm but it had to finish before 10pm.

The reason was if people were coming down the stairs out of the auditorium at 5 or 10 to 10 I would hear people say ‘what do we do now, it’s only early lets go have a drink or a coffee’. If the show finished at 10pm or after people would think it was late and they would go home.

“That was every Saturday night. There was never a Saturday night off for about eight years we were doing that. The club used to be packed. There are older people who still remember those days and those old shows.

Despite retiring from full-time work in 2007, Mr Jeacle, employed by Lionel Abrahams of Regency Artists, still maintains an active involvement with the Club. He has been a member for the past 30 years and still books the clubs entertainment.

“I’ve still kept on in a volunteer basis mainly because I love what I’m doing,” Mr Jeacle said. “Like most people in the show business you can’t just drop it and secondly more importantly I have a great regard for St George Leagues Club and the management particularly.” Mr Jeacle describes his wife of 55 years, Larraine the “stalwart of my career.”