Kim Finigan – Interviewing a Legacy

When Kim Finigan started as a contract electrician, one of his first jobs was working on the Taj Mahal. Well sort of… the Taj Mahal of Kogarah, better known as St George Leagues Club. After it’s construction, Kim joined St George as a electrician and fast forward 44 years, he has just retired from his position as Chief Engineer. Having been a part of the club’s history since 1963, we asked Kim to share some stories from his time working at St George Leagues.

Kim described the club as having gone through a lot of changes in his time, particularly to the building itself and the way the gaming room operates. He noted that one of the best parts of his job was helping in the building repairs and changes to the club.

Another favourite part of his job, was being a part of the various shows that St George has put on over the years. In particular, he speaks fondly about his involvement in the production of Jesus Christ Superstar, which was a huge success for St George. When asked for a story that stood out to him, Kim told us about a time when the club had to have a prize bull crane-lifted out of the club. The bull had no issues going up the lift, but simply refused to go back down!

A true and dependable man, Kim backs the mighty St George Dragons and told us his favourite drink from the club is beer on tap. Kim’s secret spot in the club is the Premier’s Lounge, a personal favourite space because of it’s entertainment and nice, friendly atmosphere. We couldn’t get Kim to share his spirit animal with us, but we can only suspect it would be something kind and gentle.

When asked why people should come to St George Leagues Club, Kim told us for the friendly atmosphere and great staff. We reckon after 44 years he might be onto something!