Through hardwork and determination, Maree Morrissey has risen to become a duty manager at the club.

It caps a remarkable rise considering Ms Morrissey had a 15 year absence from the workforce to raise her four boys.

Ms Morrissey was undeterred by having not worked in the hospitality industry before joining the club, having spent her previous working life office bound.
She studied at TAFE before being employed at the club as a casual in 2008. Ms Morrissey progressed from working at functions to the brasserie. She was a food and beverage supervisor before recently being appointed as a duty manager.

“For me it’s always been really exciting working at the club,” Ms Morrissey said. “I had the office background and the club taught me everything I needed to know in hospitality.

“I really appreciate they put their trust in me. I feel very validated.”

It was inspiration from her mum, June Lewis, which led Ms Morrissey to find work at the club. Ms Lewis has been a mainstay on the brasserie front-counter for about 15 years.

“She spoke highly of the club,” Ms Morrissey said. “I knew their culture and the work environment was something I was interested in and I thought the hospitality industry fitted in with having things done at home. Ms Morrissey said her aim was to ensure the best customer experience possible for
club patrons.

“The focus is customer satisfaction and to achieve that you also need happy staff,”

Ms Morrissey said. “If the staff are happy, they’ll provide a better customer service.

“I need to make sure it’s running according to the law and making sure it’s productive and insuring the safety of the patrons. “Making sure there are no issues that need to be attended to. Ensuring everyone is there to have a good time and peaceful.”