Meet Nicole!

St George Leagues’ Gaming Analyst, Nicole, has worked at the club for 25 years, and is one of the clubs most valued employees! After 25 years of working for St George Leagues, we suspect Nicole will have some insights on the best places to spend your time while visiting.

Nicole began her career at the club soon after she left school with her first shift being the night of John Farnham’s concert! Over the years, Nicole has witnessed some of the greatest musical acts including not only John Farnham but also Jimmy Barnes and the Angels just to name a few. St George Leagues are known for their famous acts and great live entertainment that they’ve hosted over the years.

When it comes to her favourite thing about the club, Nicole says it would have to be the amazing staff and members that make the club feel like one big family. Nicole loves seeing new and returning faces come into the club and encourages patrons to participate in the activities the club runs. Hanging out in the gaming area gives Nicole the chance to meet new people and make friends everyday.

Nicole also admires the work St George Leagues do for the community and their work for children with disabilities. St George Leagues want to look after their community that looks after them and that’s why they’re dedicated to helping this great cause.

When asked about her favourite drink, Nicole admits to enjoying a nice glass of Chardonnay when she’s not at work.

With her years of dedication to the club, Nicole still loves her job and can’t wait to keep meeting new people!